Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Israeli "Democracy" - Banning Memorials of Dead Politicians

Yet another example of how it is a lie to call Israel a democracy.  Israel is only a "democracy" in the sense that Apartheid South Africa was a "democracy" - i.e., if you are of the ruling class' race, you have full rights, if you are not, your rights can and will be curtailed at any time depending on the degree of "danger" the ruling race sees in your actions.  Here we see how even a memorial to a dead secular politician is considered "dangerous" enough to ban.  If I haven't used enough scare quotes, just let me know, I have plenty more available :)

Just keep this in mind, Israel's problem has never been about "security" or "terrorism", it is and always has been from the core about denying the notion that Palestinians are human beings with the same rights to freedom and resistance to oppression that every other person on earth has.  If they have to ban free speech or throw people in jail or exile them or outright murder them, they will use whatever measure of force necessary in order to shut them up and deny them their rights.  This is just another minor example.  Once again I repeat: the only just, equitable, and durable solution is the South African model.  One state for all citizens of the country regardless of religion or ethnicity, the right of return for those previously ethnically cleansed, and equality for all under the law with full democracy and civil rights for all.  If a much smaller Afrikaner minority could do it, Israeli Jews can do it too.

My rough, quick translation of a news item posted below in its original Arabic (Tarboush-tip: KABOBfest's Delicious feed) about Israeli police banning their own Arab citizens from memorializing George Habash's death a year ago:


30 Jan 2009: The [Israeli] Police Publish an Order Closing the Midan Theater Tomorrow with the Goal of Preventing the Tribute to Doctor George Habash

The [Israeli] police in the northern brigade announce just recently that the leader of the police Dudi Cohen had published an order banning any action that could be interpreted to actually mean support for an organization accused of being terrorist, and therefore published an order ordering the closure of the Midan Theater tomorrow, Saturday, and threatened to close any theater or any place that in which such an action might happen.

In addition our correspondent learned that it had been decided to hold a festival in the Midan Theater in which Dr. George Habash would be memorialized.

In a conversation with Muhammad Canaan, Secretary General of the Sons of the Country Movement, he said: We have not been formally informed of this matter, one of our cadres has only learned of it and he was asked to be present at the police headquarters.  Canaan added: This is a normal thing from the Israeli Police and doing anything else wouldn't be the Police which we know, as Israel's Police are known for their barbarian undemocratic methods, and there's no doubt that this decision is contrary to the right to organize which is among the foundations of democracy.

Canaan added: The decision of the police will not prevent us from memorializing and remembering the leader George Habash, even if we don't memorialize him in a festival he will remain in our hearts and minds.  On the contrary, we are more insistent today on memorializing him.

30/1/2009: الشرطة تصدر امر بإغلاق مسرح الميدان غداًبهدف منع تأبين د.جورج حبش 

علنت الشرطة في لواء الشمال قبل قليل ان قائد الشرطة دودي كوهين كان قد اصدر امرا بمنع اي فعالية من الممكن ان يستدل منها انها فعلية دعم لمنظمة إرهابية وعلية فقد أصدر أمر بإغلاق مسرح الميدان يوم غد، السبت، والتهديد بإغلاق اي مسرح او اي مكان من الممكن ان تكون فيه مثل هذه الفعالية.

هذا ووعلم مراسلنا ان كان من المقرر ان يتم مهرجان في مسرح الميدان يتم من خلاله إحياء ذكرى د. جورج حبش. 

هذا وفي حديث مع محمد كنعان، أمين عام حركة أبناء البلد، قال: نحن لم نبلغ رسميا في هذا الامر، وفقط أعلم أحد الكوادر به وطلب منه ان يتواجد في مقر الشرطة. واضاف كناعنة: هذا شيء معتاد من شرطة اسرائيل وغير ذلك فهي ليست الشرطة التي نعرفها، فشرطة إسرائيل معروفة بأساليبها البربرية غير الديموقراطية، فلا شك هذا قرار هو ينافي حق التنظيم وهو من أسس الديموقراطية. 

وأضاف كناعنة: قرار الشرطة هذا لن يمنعنا من أن نحي ونستذكر القائد جورج حبش حتى ولو لم نحيه في مهرجان فهو باقي في قلوبنا وعقولنا، على العكس نحن أكثر اصرار اليوم على إحياء الذكرى.

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