Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random thoughts

Some random thoughts that have come up lately:
  • Israelis and Palestinians are heading to a single state.  They should both get used to the thought.
  • The Palestinians are far more prepared for that, they have their family members who managed to cling on in 1948 as guides.
  • Israelis remain stuck in their bunker mentality (and their American supporters with them).  They need to give up the ridiculous notion that they're dead if they're a minority.  Afrikaners are fine, and they will be too, they'll just have to give up privilege and settle for equality.
  • The Mubarak regime's complicity in the siege of Gaza is not just disgusting, it's ridiculous.  The linguistic acrobatics they're employing to try to defend the indefensible is utterly transparent.
  • The Obama admin so far is showing every sign of being every bit as pro-Israeli-Apartheid as every other US administration.  Given that with the exception of George Bush Sr. (and him only slightly), every single US administration has been more pro-gun-Zionist than the last, and given the standard-fare-pro-Israeli-Apartheid statements that Obama and his team have made to date, they are guilty until proven innocent.
  • is a great news source on Gaza events and Palestinian events in general for those of you who read Arabic.  A site by and for Palestinian citizens of Israel.  Among other things, its many articles help show how the Islamic movement inside Israel and in the Occupied Territories are closely related.  They still see and live one unified Palestine even if many others try to ignore it.  And BTW, that's ultimately good for Israelis and Palestinians.  In the single state to come, there will be not just secular parties, but religious Islamic and religious Jewish parties in a single parliament, and they're going to have to learn how to work with each other.
Random thoughts.

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