Monday, August 14, 2006

Why are Arabs so angry?

Why are Arabs so angry? It seems such a perplexing question to so many people. Complicated theories about brainwashing, fascism, extremism, suicide ideologies, them being a different breed of human being, etc. are proposed to try and create an explanation. Might I suggest a return to Occam's Razor? The simplest explanation is usually the best. And since a picture is worth 1000 words, consider the following.

How did you feel when you saw this picture the first time? I was pretty angry.

Now consider this picture:

Pretty similar huh? It was taken yesterday in Beirut. How would you feel if you were seeing it? Not hard, we've seen it in America and we've felt it. Now consider these facts:
  • This is only one of hundreds of such scenes in Lebanon.
  • Hundreds of children have died in these bombings.
  • This isn't the first time, in fact it's been a regular occurrence in modern Arab history. Imagine if 9/11 reoccurred in the US every few years, or even more often.
  • The Lebanese and the rest of the Arab world know both who perpetrated the attack (Israel), and who provided the weapons and diplomatic cover for the perpetrators (the US).
How would you feel? Probably pretty angry huh?

It's not right in any direction, we have to stop trying to pretend this is irrational hatred. It's quite rational, so we need to remove the rationale for the hatred. Stop Israeli and American attacks on Arab countries (including most importantly the attacks that are enforcing occupation), and Arab anger will cease too. Keep trying to use the same methods of bombing and shooting and you'll get more of the same angry results. It's pretty simple.


At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it is terrible, but what did Lebanon do to Isreal to cause this attack. Isreal will not be attacked without responding. I always hear middle eastern people talkin like they are always victims of some American or Isreali master plan. If you stop killing people and hiding behind religious ideology, and start thinking outside the box, then maybe there can be peace. Its about relating to other peoples hopes, dreams, and desires. Without this relationship between us and them, there can be no peace. Its hard for young western countries to understand why the middle east, with so much history and culture, cannot seem to get things right when it comes to basic human needs / desires. I have hope for our friends in middle east, because my young generations of brothers and sisters want more from life and deserve more from us as well.


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