Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quotes From Lebanese Refugees

One particularly representative quote below. Faith in the future even in the darkest moments is a regular feature one finds among those whom Israel has dispossessed and attacked. The ability to remain positive keeps folks going. More at the hyperlink:

«بتنزل بنايات ستتعمّر، بتروح طرقات سنعمرها. بروح شهداء بدنا نكملها (المسيرة). المسيرة مستمرة. النصر آتٍ بإذن الله. النصر آت.»
“If buildings get destroyed they’re will be rebuilt. If roads perish we will reconstruct them. Martyrs pass away, we continue (the journey). The journey continues. The victory is coming, God willing. The victory is coming.”


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