Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What isn't being reported on in the US

There are a number of extremely momentous events occurring in the Middle East receiving little coverage in the western media for various reasons:
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council countries are announcing quite loudly that they want nuclear energy. This is the direct result of Iran wanting nukes which is the direct result of Israel actually having nukes. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert came out yesterday with an apparent slip of the tongue admitting Israel has nukes ( http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1164881872535&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FPrinter -- as if it were a big secret, Mordechai Vanunu's actual pictures of the nukes were published two decades ago for the world to see). Congrats US politicians left and right, your blind support of Israeli abuse of power is now getting you an entire Middle East - friends and foes alike - who want to be armed to the teeth with nukes, brilliant.
  • The opposition protests in Beirut are absolutely massive, far bigger than the vaunted "Cedar Revolution" protests of not so long ago which the Bush Administration hailed. Suddenly now though, the exact same peaceful tactics when employed by political parties the Bush Administration and the West doesn't like, are "an attempted coup" or some other hogwash. Bald-faced open hypocrisy which proves that Arabs are right when they say Bush is a liar when he claims to want democracy. He wants only pro-US stooges, if they can get there via democratic means then great for the propaganda, but if they need to be kept in power via undemocratic means then the propaganda needs to be flipped in their service.
  • Dual Civil War watch: However, the Lebanese protests, despite the efforts to avoid it, are taking on a major sectarian overtone, thanks in heavy part to the government of Fouad Siniora who - lacking all other legitimacy - is turning more and more overtly racist in its rhetoric. Hizbullah and Michel Aoun's al-Tayyar al-Watani al-Hurr are trying to take the high road, but their supporters are pretty narrowly sectarian too. Tension is rising, and egged on by the US, this could go to civil war though everyone hopes not and is trying to avoid. Meanwhile in Gaza the murder yesterday of three innocent children who were the children of a major anti-Hamas Fatah militant has aroused intense passions. Al-Jazeera which is normally more than happy to give Hamas a fair hearing was just as willing to show the sorrow of children from the Fatah side who broke down in tears when talking of their schoolmates being killed. Tension was already high with US-stooge Abbas and Dahlan looking for ways to topple the Hamas government with Israeli and US assistance, but the street tensions are high and only rising. Hamas condemned the killings and say it wasn't their men who carried them out (apparently a botched assassination attempt on the boys' father), and to be honest it could be any number of perpetrators. But the reality is that tensions are high and just as government supporters in Lebanon automatically blame Syria, so too Fatah supporters will automatically blame Hamas. Could be true, could be someone else, but that's pretty much irrelevant in the current atmosphere.


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